Friday, September 17, 2004

My Random Thoughts for today

I just keep wondering what is blogging is all about. I write my diary and keep it safe so that I can register my thoughts. But why would I like to share my diary to millions of others in the world unless it I want to sell my autobiography. Anyway why are different sites offering blogs? What is the advantage they devire out of it? Our thoughts and is it because they can advertise when we become famous and more and more people visit the blogs. Well maybe it is one of the marketing strategy to derive money.

What I am surprised is How can people make money by selling assignment answers. I am surprised to see a site dedicated which offers answers to assignments of a particular University. So can I do the same? Anyway who will buy from me. A new business started because of assignments given by a University.

First there were guides, then there were answer book and alas the project is done by them we put our names and send it as if I have done the project. How will it help me if I did it? What is the practical experience I will have because of it.

It is 12:58pm and I have to have my lunch. After reading lots of blogs on the web, I decided why not start my own blogs and make myself popular. Will I ever be popular? Anyway why should I be popular. If everyone becomes popular how are people who are going to remember all popular people?

I once heard someone say, the only way to become popular is you must be a genius in some sport or be an artist or an author. I am none of these and how can I become popular. Politics??

I know there are certain fields where I will never shine and Politics is one such field....

I like learning new things and my mind shifts from one branch of one tree to one branch of a different tree and keeps wondering here and there and here and there.

After reading other blogs, I at once decided, why don't I just blog. I don't want to reveal my identity in my blogs for obvious reasons. I don't want anyone to know I am me and relate me to what I say. I want to tell my thoughts being in the dark.

So after deciding to blog, I have landed in this site.

The urge to blog was indeed very great.

With thousands of other works to do in this world, will all my work pending all around me waiting for me to attend the work, I start blogging.

The weather is fantastic and it is very likely to rain. My lunch awaits me and I sit in my bedroom with my books (assignments to be completed) surrounding me and I can hear voices of people walking on the road. I sit in my bedroom situated in a four bedroom flat facing towards the road. And the curtains are drawn down with one curtain moved to the side so that I can let the light enter my room. I can see the trees and a lamp from the mirror on the bureau situated right before me. It is reflecting the objects in the world which I like most, nature in its true colors and what best can you see through the mirror of your heart.

Birds flying and disappearing behind the horizon of my mirror and tree leaves dancing to the tunes of the wind and light poking in through my windows.
I sitting with my laptop on my lap and thousands of thoughts in my mind, I keep typing something and the other and I still have miles to go before i complete and thousands of works to do and I sit here blogging all the way.

See you soon. I know you are addictive, but did not know that you are as addictive that I leave all my essential tasks to complete before doing what I am doing..

Can I ever be famous.
Anyway who will read my blog. One fine day I read my blog and find myself wondering what was the situation in which I was blogging and I will give a smile looking a the mirror. I love to watch myself smile before a mirror which will reflect the person I am.